From time to time, companies have to retire and dispose of equipment that has reached the end of its life cycle or no longer meets the current business needs of the organisation.

With environmental concerns and liability on the rise, coupled with identity theft and standard compliance becoming an increasing concerns for today's businesses, properly disposing and recycling assets has become very critical.

In response, deVtage offers complete asset recycling and disposal services in a safe, secure and environmentally conscious manner that complies with local regulatory guidelines. To protect your company's assets and reputation in this area, we help ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands while also promoting environmental stewardship.


  • Asset Disposal & Recycling: We handle the end to end process and logistics of properly disposing your excess equipment in an environmentally sensitive way. During disposal process, equipment components are broken down into primary parts with materials separated according to their types (metals, plastics, etc. The broken down materials are then disposed of or recycled based on the uniqueness of each material.
  • Asset Resales & Donations: We work with our clients depending on their needs to remarket or donate dated equipment. The equipment donated or remarketed are refurbushed where applicable and certified to ensure fit of usage. This refurbished equipments are placed into schools, medical centres and small businesses within developing economies, to assist their regeneration Any refurbishment is carried out within developing economies to facilitate the employment and training of developing country nationals. Any non-reusable equipment is fully recycled to strict environmental standards including a 0% landfill policy.


  • Preliminary: This includes provision of quotes and estimates and planning ahead for the disposition process.
  • Assets Removal & Logistics: This includes inventorizing and auditing, packing and readying for shipping. Properly scheduling and speedy packing of the equipment from the office ensures minimal work environment interruption.
  • Pickup Sorting & Destruction: This entails data destruction (onsite or offsite), Assets tagging before removal and generation of detailed equipment reporting.
  • Disposal Activities: Depending on the needs we initiate the disposal activities including recycling, donation or resale.
  • Reporting: End of process detailed reporting on the outcome of the disposed equipment.


  • Disk Overwrites: Our overwrite technology erases hard drives to 3+7 shred pass standards.  Automated processes verify that all sectors of every drive have been successfully overwritten while physical verification ensures that inoperable drives are physically destroyed.
  • Data Annihilation: for enhanced protection, our variety of data annihilation options allow you to tailor the level of service to the level of security required for your data.
  • Total Destruction: drives are shredded and processed as scrap metal, making information retrieval permanently impossible.


Because no two customers are the same, in addition to our standard services we provide non-standard/customized services to meet the needs of our customers.

For more information about any of our service offerings, please contact our local representatives at the local number indicated.

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