First Aid Training


Comprehensive course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work require¬ments or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies. This course Includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines. Meets a variety of regulations/jurisdictive requirements  for Standard First Aid and CPR. We exceed standards by including many other topics including injury prevention content.


The training is targeted at Work place resources (WPR) and other Human Resources staff who have the responsibility of providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees.


1. First Aid, Standards of Care

2. Recognizing and Responding to Emergencies, Avoiding Infectious Diseases

3. Basic Life Support: Rescue Breathing, Choking, CPR, AED

4. Bleeding & Wound Care, Shock, Burns

5. Head, Spinal, Chest, & Abdominal Injuries

6. Bone, Joint & Muscle Injuries


7. Sudden Illness: Cardiac, Stroke, Respiratory, Seizures, Diabetes

8. Poisonings, Bites & Stings

9. Heat, Cold, & Environmental Emergencies

10. Rescuing & Moving Victims

11. Hands-on exercises










1. Disposable CPR Face Shield (35 per pack) Only 1 pack needed for CPR class but 6 more packs if CPR is incorporated into the Medevac class

2. Heartsaver® Adult CPR AED Wallet Card

3. Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED Student Workbook

4. Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor Package

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